Five Weeks 

I am just heart broken.  This death has sent me reeling.  To not know he was sent to the hospital.  To not get notified he was septic with pneumonia when I have power of attorney over his health if he is unable to make decisions.  To have my last phone call with him a week ago and he was so sick.  

He was sent to prison at 77 years old with extensive medical issues.  He was there for five weeks.  Five weeks.  He left my house house alive and he went into a place where he was guaranteed adequate care for his conditions and they yelled at him, withheld treatment and belittled him.  

I had no where to go to get him help.  He needed oxygen daily and he did not get it until the Wednesday of last week.  

He left home five weeks ago alive. And they didn’t notify me until the day after he died.  

He died alone with no family.  No matter what, he was a human being and deserved to be treated with humanity and dignity.  He deserved to have his family there.  

My heart is broken.  


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