Fairy Godmother, You Lost Me at… I Think You Quit

Every princess needs a fairy godmother. At the very least woodland creatures to help with the mundane chores of life.  Isn’t that the hard fast rule of the story fundamentals?  

Hmmm… I think I got screwed on this one. Even being disenchanted should allow for some leeway, don’t you think? 

I am purging my house of all the crap from my mother, aunt and uncle’s houses.  I have help because it’s such an overwhelming job. Everything just got dumped at my house.  

Another theme of my life I must sort through–I know. I know. 

Well, travelers, I am now horizontal because I literally pulled my lower back. 

Where were those damn woodland creatures?  Where was the magic wand? 


My fairy godmother resigned. 

The letter must be in the mail or shoved in one of storage tubs.  I’m not entirely sure since that would entail me being upright. 

Tally-ho travelers, remeber to check with your fairies and animals before moving furniture for insurance. 


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