Event Horizon

I don’t think I have ever brought this up, but I have a hobby in physics. I feel like how the universe functions is a lot how we function.  We are made up of star dust that is 13 billion years old.  ( Actually, we are made up of atoms that came from star dust.  Star dust just sounds way cooler.) 

I look damn good for being 13 billion years old.  

I was reading an article the other week about black holes.  I only read articles now on books or physics/ science information.  It keeps me sane and my PTSD/anxiety in check. 

So, you ask, “What in Sam’s hill is an event horizon?!!” 

Oh, fellow travelers, walk with me, or fly, whichever you please, on this ride of physics/astronomy and interpersonal betrayal. I believe I can make converts out of you to the world of science!! 

Now a black hole. Most people know what this is… you may even know people with a black hole heart.  Where everything gets sucks in and can not leave.  By the way,we haven’t seen the heart of a black hole.  Almost like those narcissists’ hearts.  I don’t think scientists have seen into that vacuum yet either.  

The fastest thing in the known universe, light, can not escape its pull. It swallows everything.  


Much like a sex addict and his/her lying, cheating schemes and drama to a unsuspecting spouse.  

Nice tie in, right?!!!

The event horizon is the “point of no return” around the black hole. Once something goes past that, it’s a goner. 

Astronomers hope with a new telescope, they can see the event horizon because it collects debris and dust.  

I really feel that our lives, and also our relationships, have event horizons. Places where there is debris that is seen, but at times, ignored because the pull of the person or situation is so great, it doesn’t matter that we are headed to possible destruction. 

It could be for so many reasons.  Greed, acceptance, power, love, avoidance. 

I thought to myself, “How many event horizons have I crossed without evening knowing it?”

How many have you? 

Me: A lot. 

I was already sucked into the darkness before I knew I couldn’t turn around. 

Now, I am holding onto the pieces that gravity ripped apart.  

Working on being reborn into something. 

I have no idea yet.  

There’s always hope it was a wormhole. 

I could be popped out in a whole new world.  


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