How Many

How many slights Equal a betrayal?

There are things I don’t want To hear To know.


Today The words are silent


I am damn well enough


The cruel curses You have laid upon My naked body Are scrubbed away With the cool breathe of change Leaving me purified


Everyday I give you a piece of My soul. Afraid you will reject the Subtle vulnerability Of my sharing the Depths of me


I show you parts of me. Parts which laid dormant Or shoved down by The perfectionist of Being acceptable So that I could be loved Finally accepted I throw away The perfectionist And show you my mess Afraid Brave To strive for Love


I hide so many things Repressed more then Expressed I use appropriate language Appropriate behaviors So you do not see The swirling Whirlpool Of emotions Pulling me under


I am more human Now That the armor Of the over-culture Has been peeled

2 Doors

Some days I am like a photon I go through two Doors of emotions Simultaneously

Shake the Tree

Shaking the tree Rocking the boat Crushing the eggshells Being brave enough to live my life Speaking my truth


Somehow I managed To stay alive Without The management From your ego